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North Carolina Construction Law Treatise written by
Conner Gwyn Schenck PLLC
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Conner Gwyn Schenck PLLC is a law firm concentrating on construction law and the construction industry. Our practice includes construction contract law, contract dispute litigation and arbitration, surety and construction bond litigation, occupational licensing, health and environmental regulatory compliance, and alternative dispute resolution.

We represent clients from all sectors of the construction industry. Our primary work is for contractors and owners, but we also represent design professionals, suppliers and sureties. We are dedicated students of the construction industry, and we use our understanding of the industry to provide effective advice and service to our clients.

CGS Mission

The mission of Conner Gwyn Schenck PLLC is to provide superior legal services to the construction industry.

We understand the business of construction. We use the law to serve the construction process, emphasizing reasonable risk allocation and sane dispute resolution.


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